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STCW-Certification.com was developed for mariners requiring STCW compliant courses and course programs to upgrade their Certificate of Proficiency or Certificate of Competency approved through a STCW "White Listed" nation that is recognized internationally.


With STCW Certification you can access all courses required for deck and engine ratings. The courses are delivered by Northeast Maritime Institute - College of Maritime Science, in Fairhaven, Massachusetts, USA - one of the most prestigious maritime education and training providers in the United States. Our courses are approved by the United States Coast Guard's National Maritime Center or other notable maritime administration's such as the Commonwealth of Dominica or other flag states. The below course programs will allow you take take your courses anywhere, anytime as long as you have WiFi or cellular service and you can take them on a personal computer, laptop, tablet or even your smart phone using our comprehensive maritime learning management system, Northeast Maritime Online - NEMO°.


The programs and courses, combine with globally accepted training record books (TRB's) provide you with everything that you need to get to the next level of your maritime career!



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